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  • Wasting time on a waitlist?

    Get educated and give your child the help they need today!

  • Can’t afford weekly therapy?

    Learn how you can support your child daily.

  • Relationship challenges?

    Improve your child's social skills to enrich friendships.

  • Struggling academically?

    Help your child understand their learning style and feel smart.

We've Helped Thousands of Children With DLD Thrive

As a dynamic SLP, teacher, parent team, we know what works for kids at home and at school. We’ve taught countless families to get to the root of the problem.

  • We’ve supported thousands of bi/trilingual learners

  • We have over 30 years of experience between us

  • We help kids with DLD + additional diagnoses

  • We’ve worked in 10+ countries

  • We've led teacher and parents workshops

Why choose us?

"Jinean and Camesha, your knowledge of DLD and your caring approach really spoke to me. As parents yourselves, you get how hectic life is and only suggest things that actually fit into our day-to-day lives".

- Caeley

When your child struggles to communicate...

Parenting can be hard


Do you regret not having done enough for your child soon enough?


Feeling cut off from loved ones because your child is different?


Trying to balance everything on your plate while navigating the challenges of DLD?


Stuck comparing your child to their peers and feeling like things will never change?


Struggling with information overload and conflicting advice?


Are you feeling burnt out from wrestling with your child day after day?

When you're armed with knowledge...

Your child's story is transformed

Watch Your Child Flourish

Make simple changes to help your child become more confident and take charge of their own learning.

Understand Your Child

Connect with your child's experience by learning how DLD impacts them and how you can be their best support.

Community at Your Fingertips

Connect with experts and parents who truly understand your journey.

Strengthen Family Bonds

Focus on strengthening your parent-child bond while creating a secure, supportive environment for your child

Immediate Practical Tools

Apply effective, straightforward strategies to daily challenges.

Collaborate Effectively

Feel knowledgeable navigating your child's educational journey. Advocate with confidence because you know what your child needs.

Communicate With Confidence Course

Take a Look Inside

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What is it? What caused it? Bilingualism and additional diagnoses

Understanding and developing foundational cognitive skills

Nonverbal intelligence, visual learning, strengths and self talk

Strategies for following instructions, resolving conflicts and family fun

Strategies for improving language during academic challenges

Strategies for connecting with peers and adults successfully

Preparing your child for life beyond high school and into adulthood


Hear From Parents Like You

Parents who’ve used these strategies tell us about transformative results:

increased confidence, improved family dynamics, and academic success.

Jinean and Camesha, you've made a huge impact! We're very happy with the improvements our child has made so far.

- Kait

I felt so helpless. This course empowered me to confidently discuss my child's needs with his teachers.

- Jenna

Your strategies are changing our lives. Our son's communication skills are improving each and every day!

- Lyndon

If you’re concerned about commitment, remember, this course costs about as much as one or two therapy sessions and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Why this course?

"As a parent, it's critical that I fully understand my child's struggles with communication. They're facing challenges, and I am committed to learning how to help them. This is deeply important to me. I cannot give up—my child depends on me".

- Determined Parent


Before vs After

  • Negative reports from teachers

  • Following conversations is hard

  • Homework battles

  • Conflict with peers and adults

  • Disorganized storytelling

  • Weak vocabulary

  • Poor mental health

  • Low self worth

  • Fear of the future

  • Positive feedback from teachers

  • On topic comments & questions

  • Homework independence

  • Strong social language skills

  • Clear stories about their day

  • Expanded word knowledge

  • Healthy mindset and wellbeing

  • Strong self-esteem

  • Ready to tackle challenges

Breaking it down

You can't afford not to buy this course

Make the most of your time with your child!

Even if you only have 12 hours a week and you’re using that time with your child to drive to soccer, do homework, get ready for bed etc, you can use the strategies and knowledge from this course to change your child’s life. We can show you how!

12 hours/week x one year = 624 hours

$199/624 hours = $0.31/hour 

Investing in this course will help you help your child for pennies a day!

With lifetime access, why not start today?


4.9/5 star reviews

Get your questions answered by us!

Join our Facebook group for direct access to Jinean and Camesha and other parents journeying with DLD.

Here's what you get:

  • Direct Access to Jinean and Camesha

  • 20+ Engaging Activities

  • 20+ Discussion Starters

  • 8 Real-life Case Studies

  • Convenient Lesson Summaries

  • Supportive Toolkit

Original Price $249

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"Every parent and teacher should take this course.

There are multiple nuggets to reinforce and deepen one's understanding of how to help kids of all ages with DLD". - Carol


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Confident in our course's value, we offer a full refund within 30 days if it doesn't meet your expectations.


DLD Facts

• 6x more likely to struggle with reading

• 6x more likely to struggle with spelling

• 4x more likely to struggle with math

• 12x more likely to struggle with all three

• 6x more likely to have clinical anxiety

• 3x more likely to have clinical depression

• Girls are 3x more likely to experience sexual abuse

• Boys are 4x more likely to engage in delinquent behaviour

• Adults are twice as likely to go more than a year without a job


Don't Ignore The Signs...

People with DLD deserve to be happy, healthy and supported throughout their lives.

Don't waste time.

Sign up today so you can confidently empower your child!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)?

Developmental Language Disorder, commonly known as DLD, is a neurodevelopmental condition where children have persistent difficulties understanding and/or using spoken language, with no obvious cause.

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for parents, caregivers, and educators of children diagnosed with or suspected of having DLD, who are looking to enhance their child's communication skills and improve their quality of life.

How long does this course take to complete?

It's self-paced, though we suggest spreading it out over several weeks to thoroughly digest and apply the content.

Can I access the course materials anytime?

Yes, enrollment grants lifetime access to all course materials, including future updates.

What age group is this course suitable for?

The strategies are applicable to school-aged children, from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Is this course a substitute for speech therapy?

No, it's designed to complement professional therapy by providing parents with additional tools and strategies. It’s also great for families who are stuck on a waiting list.

How soon can I expect to see results?

While individual results vary, many parents notice positive changes in their child's communication skills within a few weeks.

What if the strategies don't work for my child?

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind. Our priority is your child's progress.

Is there support available if I have questions?

Yes, you can always reach out to us in our Facebook group. We are very active. Also please feel free to email us at hello@empowereddldparenting. We'd love to hear from you!

How is the course content delivered?

The course includes video lessons, downloadable resources, and interactive activities for an engaging learning experience.

Can the strategies in this course help with other learning disabilities?

While focused on DLD, many strategies will also benefit children with other types of learning or communication disorders.

What makes this course different from other resources on DLD?

Our course helps parents truly understand the challenges that their child has, while learning how to support them with easy-to-implement, practical strategies for everyday life situations. 

This course is a complete and comprehensive system showing how to effectively support your child with DLD.

Change your child's life!

Are you ready to transform your child’s life and see them thrive in school, friendships, and beyond?

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